Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I measure one (1) serving? The side of the bottle has lines and each line represents one serving. Alternatively, you can measure 0.8 fl oz.

2. How many milligrams of caffeine per serving? 250mg

3. How long will I have energy? Most people report having enhanced energy for 4-6 hours.

4. Can I make a custom measurement? It is recommended to take only one (1) serving daily. That said, a smaller custom dose can be enjoyed by our customers who don't want a strong dose of caffeine. Most energy drinks are in ready to drink form so you must ingest their amount of caffeine. A G7Force full serving is 0.8 fluid ounces and that would give 250mg caffeine, however, 0.4 fl oz would do 125mg and 0.2 would do approximately 60mg. 

5. How long does it take to receive my purchase? Most deliveries are 1 to 3 business days via USPS.

6. Is it an energy drink or pre-workout? It is an energy drink. You DO NOT have to go to the gym. You can take this if you need extra energy around the office, work a graveyard shift, or simply need extra energy to keep up with your kids!

7. Can I use it as a pre-workout? Absolutely. There are specific ingredients that activate when the body's heart rate is elevated. Those ingredients will create a nitric oxide boost or performance enhancement for your physical activity. In addition, the black pepper will cause you to heat up and burn additional calories. NOTE: This effect will NOT happen unless the heart rate increases due to physical activity.

8. Does it really enhance my mood and focus? Yes. The synergistic mix of our ingredients causes an enhanced mood and brain function. 

9. What if I want a refund? Simply email us at info@g7force.com and tell us why. We will gladly refund your money. Please review refund policy.

10. Can we go on auto-ship? It is currently not an option but coming soon!